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Hoe lang duurt saai?

In cooperation with Hedderik van Rijn, I worked with de scholierenacademie, an organization that aims to make high school students familiar with research that is being conducted at the University of Groningen. I was involved in creating a high-school course on the cognitive mechanisms of time and boredom. (Dutch only).

Mark Solms: the Hidden Spring 

In the Hidden Spring, Mark Solms presents a revelatory and controversial new theory of consciousness that returns emotions to the center of mental life. I worked for publisher Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep to assist in translating the book, that aims to find the origins of consciousness, from English to Dutch. 

Mindwise blogpost: restless memory

"Clive Wearing, also called “the man with no memory”, lost his capability to remember anything that happened longer than 30 seconds ago. Due to a virus infection damaging his hippocampus, an essential brain area related to storing and retrieving memories, he developed almost total amnesia. He spends every 20 seconds having the feeling of “waking up”, like regaining consciousness after being asleep for a long time. He wrote in his diary: “9.34 AM: I am now really, completely awake”. Then he forgot he had written it, crossed out the lines he wrote before, and, minutes later, he wrote: “9.47 AM: Now I am superlatively, actually awake.” His diary contains hundreds of pages filled with these lines.  ..." 

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